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2-day Snow Cave Trek

Privately – Guided Tour – Designed by Outdoorlife Norway!
3,990 NOK per person | ★★★★★ (1 guest review)

Breathe in the silence of Norway’s vast wilderness and pristine mountain air; hike into the mountains on snow shoes; enjoy crystal-clear views of the Milky Way; and spend the night on reindeer hides in a cave carved out of snow.

2019 Season | February – March
This tour is organized for private groups upon request.

Please send us an email if you are interested in this adventure.
Inquiries | booking@outdoorlifenorway.com

Tour Includes

• Hotel pick-up / drop-off
• Transportation
• Professional guide
• Use of snowshoe equipment
• Use of hiking poles

• Accommodation in snow cave
• Use of winter sleeping bag

• Dinner
• Breakfast
• Hot beverages & snack

Please Bring

• Proper hiking boots*
• Warm, thick socks x 2
• Water-resistant pants*

• Rain-proof jacket*
• Down jacket*
• Thermal 

• Fleece or woolen sweater
• Warm hat and gloves/mittens
• 60 liter backpack
• Water bottle
• Sun glasses / sunscreen
• Personal hygiene items

A detailed packing list will be sent to you after booking. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

*items can also be rented


• Photography package | + 299 NOK
• Hiking boot rental | + 500 NOK
• Hiking pants rental | + 250 NOK
• Hiking jacket rental | + 250 NOK
• Down jacket rental |
+ 500 NOK

Prices → per-piece/per day


Suitable for adults who are generally in good physical condition & have previous hiking experience.

Narrow and/or non-existent trails, mostly marked with simple signs/cairns.

Hilly and/or mountainous. Steeper sections with rocky surfaces that require good eye/hand/feet coordination. Includes unsteady surfaces and a variety of obstacles (creeks, swamps, bushes, boulders, etc.).  For the entire trek, you’ll be hiking on snowshoes through hilly terrain.

Varies depending on location.

(more information)


MAXIMUM: 7 Hikers

≥ 12 years old

> 15kg | 33lbs.
> 105cm | 3ft. 6in.
(more information)

Please do not book tours that exceed your skill-level or physical abilities.

(more information)

Weather Changes

Due to the possibility of rapidly-changing weather conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to scheduled trips. In the event that your trip needs to be rescheduled for another day or cancelled on short notice, you may choose between joining the rescheduled trip or getting a refund. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate during your trip, it may be necessary to turn around on the trail or head back earlier than planned. If this happens, no refunds will be given.


February 1 – March 31
This tour is organized for private groups upon request.

Please contact us if you are interested in this adventure:
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Have you ever been hiking through the snow? Join Outdoorlife Norway on a hike into the region’s snow-capped mountains and experience Norway’s long cold winter while sleeping under the stars!

Warmer winds brought north by the Gulf Stream, combined with Stavanger’s coastal location in south-western Norway, means that the city is one of the first in Norway to welcome springtime. However, just a stone’s throw outside of Stavanger, the region’s majestic mountains rise hundreds of meters straight out of the sea. While people have already begun to enjoy grilling and picnics in Stavanger, thick layers of snow continue to blanket Norway’s mountaintops well into springtime.

Our professional guides are trained to safely maneuver through the frozen landscape as well as winter’s rapidly changing weather conditions. They carry with them all necessary navigation, safety, first-aid, and outdoor winter equipment. Because the process of building a snow cave can take several hours, construction is finished upon arrival. Our guides know how and where to find suitable conditions for building snow caves.

This is a moderately difficult 2-day trek. About 21 of the 24-hour trip is spent outside in the wilderness. The hike’s total distance and ascent are dependent on snow conditions and therefore vary from day to day.

Total | ~24 hours/2 days (depends on pick-up location and weather conditions)
Hiking | ~2-3 hours (each way, including breaks)
Total Time Outdoors | ~21 hours
Transportation | ~1-2 hours (each way, depends on the snow and weather conditions)

The tour starts on Saturday with a briefing at our office in Stavanger.
Address | Ryfylkegata 13, Stavanger
Meeting time | 13.00 (1:00 pm)

The tour ends in Stavanger on Sunday at approximately 13.30 (1:30 pm)

Day 1 | Snowshoe Hike to Snow Cave + Camp Dinner

During the 1 to 2-hour drive to the trail head (which is dependent on the time of year + weather conditions), you’ll pass through a variety of dramatic landscapes. Some of the things you can look forward to seeing include fjords, waterfalls, boulder fields, and isolated farm villages. Getting a view of steep granite walls towering over long narrow valleys (which were carved out by glaciers) is a guest favorite  =)

At the trail-head, your guide will introduce you to the art of hiking with snowshoes and then lead you on a 2-hour winter adventure. To ensure that you’ll encounter as few people as possible, your guide will diligently search for opportunities to hike ‘off the beaten track’.

Upon inspection of your ‘home’ for the night, you’ll likely be surprised by how comfortable it can be to sleep in a snow cave. To ensure your comfort, the cave’s floor will be furnished with insulating reindeer hides, and you’ll be provided with warm footwear and goose down jackets. To add to the magic of the tour, your guide will prepare a hearty Norwegian stew that will warm both body and soul. Dinner and hot beverages will be served by candlelight; after which you can relax in your snow cave. The thick snow walls will shelter you from both wind and sound, ensuring you a good night’s sleep.

If weather conditions are favorable, you may also have the opportunity to participate in a sunset and/or moonlight hike (optional).

Day 2 | Camp Breakfast + Snowshoe Hike From Snow Cave

You’ll be awakened at approximately 08:00am, after which your guide will serve you breakfast and hot beverages. After packing up the camp, you’ll be led on snow shoes back to civilization. To maximize the quality of your experience and your interaction with Norway’s pristine nature, your guide will follow a different route back down. After approximately 2 hours on foot, you’ll reach the transport vehicle and start your journey back to Stavanger. Transportation will take approximately 1-2 hours (depending on the time of year + weather conditions).


3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek
4,990 NOK per-person

During the winter, the main trail to Kjerag is inaccessible. Trek on snow shoes to Kjerag’s famous boulder, camp in snow-covered mountains, and experience the serenity of Norway’s wintertime. snow cave trek - 2-day Snow Cave Trek - More difficult snow 1

2018 Season: Feb. – May


Preikestolen Winter Hike
1,090 NOK per-person

The busy summer season is months away and the trail to Preikestolen is often covered in ice and snow. Grab this opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape of the Lysefjord.snow cave trek - 2-day Snow Cave Trek - Moderate snow

2018 Season: Jan. – Mar.


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

We had an amazing time on the overnight snow cave tour. Our guides, Johannes and Erlen worked so hard to make sure that we get to enjoy this fantastic and unique experience. They picked us up in convenient locations, and made us feel welcome and part of a team on the drive to the hike. Then we had a great hike with snow shoes up to the top of the mountain where we had snow caves which they dig for us by hand. Such amazing effort! We had great warm dinner and hot drinks in the tent, and then had the unique experience of sleeping in caves in the snow. It was an unforgettable experience. They provided us with all the necessary equipment to stay warm and comfortable, and catered to everyone’s needs. The next morning we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise, then some nice breakfast with coffee, and then a snowshoe hike (much shorter on the way down…!) back to the truck. We were so grateful that such tours are going on in the winter, and would highly recommend this experience to everyone! Thank you to our guides for the holiday of a lifetime!

Reka S

2019 Season
February – March

This tour is organized for private groups upon request.

Please send us an email if you are interested in this adventure:

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