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3-day Kjerag Winter
Basecamp Trek

4,990 NOK per person | ★★★★★ (6 guest reviews)

Trek in solitude through a winter wonderland. Camp under the stars at our Kjerag Basecamp. Experience the exhilaration of visiting Kjerag´s Boulder in winter.

SEASON: Back in 2019

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 | Oct. 1 – Nov. 11

Tour Includes

• Hotel pick-up / drop-off
• Transportation
• Lysefjord cruise x2

• Professional guide
• Snow shoe equipment
• Use of hiking poles
• Winter camp accommodation
• Winter sleeping bag
• Use of down jacket

• Dinner (day 1 + 2)
• Breakfast (day 2 + 3)
• Lunch (day 2 + 3)

Please Bring

• Proper hiking boots*
• Warm, thick socks
• Water-resistant pants*

• Rain-proof jacket*
• Thermal baselayers

• Fleece or woolen sweater
• Warm hat and gloves*
• 60 liter backpack
• Water bottle
• Sun glasses / sunscreen
• Personal hygiene items

*items can also be rented
Note: A detailed packing list will be sent to you after booking. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


• Photography package
• Hiking boot rental
• Hiking pants rental
• Hiking jacket rental
• Hiking gloves


Suitable for adults who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience.

8 + 9 + 8 kilometers

825 + 375 + 75 meters

We will be using snowshoes for the whole trek, hiking through hilly terrain.

(more information)


MAXIMUM: 14 Trekkers

≥ 16 years old

> 36kg | 79lbs.
> 135cm | 4ft. 5in.

(more information)

Please do not book tours that exceed your skill-level or physical abilities.
(more information)

Weather Changes

Due to the possibility of rapidly-changing weather conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to scheduled trips. In the event that your trip needs to be rescheduled for another day or cancelled on short notice, you may choose between joining the rescheduled trip or getting a refund. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate during your trip, it may be necessary to turn around on the trail or head back earlier than planned. If this happens, no refunds will be given.

Sponsored by:
winter hike kjerag - 3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek - HillebergLogo PNG 3302 1797 HillebergNoOutline TentmakerBlkNoOutline sRGB 3-day kjerag winter basecamp trek - 3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek - HillebergLogo PNG 3302 1797 HillebergNoOutline TentmakerBlkNoOutline sRGB
About 10,000 years ago, the last ice age ended and massive glaciers scraped their way from the mountain tops down toward sea level. In the process, Norway’s rugged landscapes, most notably its fjords, were formed. At some point, the famous Kjerag boulder was wedged into a mountain crevasse. Ever since, the ‘Majesty of the Lysefjord’ has been suspended a heart-stopping 984 meters over the fjord.

Join Outdoorlife Norway on a 3-day winter hiking/camping trip to the famous Kjerag boulder and breathe in the silence of Norway’s vast wilderness and pristine mountain air. Trek in solitude through a winter wonderland while encountering breathtaking views of the Lysefjord. Camp under the stars in high-quality, spacious winter tents at our Kjerag Basecamp. Experience the exhilaration of standing on Kjerag’s cliff side, almost a kilometer above the fjord below. 

This is a demanding 3-day, 25-kilometer trek with a total ascent of 1,250 meters.

  • Day 1: 8 km, ascent 825 meters, descent 75 meters
    Fjord cruise, followed by fjord-to-mountain hike
    Accommodation at Kjerag Basecamp
  • Day 2: 9 km, ascent 350 meters, descent 350 meters
    Snow hike to Kjerag’s Boulder
    Accommodation at Kjerag Basecamp, made possible by sponsorship of Hilleberg – providing us with the best winter basecamp tents on the market.
  • Day 3: 8 km, ascent 75 meters, descent 825 meters
    Mountain-to-fjord hike, followed by fjord cruise and return to Stavanger
Total: 3 days

The tour starts in Stavanger (Friday).
When booking, you may select from the following pick-up times and locations:

11:30am St. Svithun Hotel / Hostel
11:30am Park Inn by Radisson Stavanger Hotel
11:35am Clarion Hotel Stavanger
11:40am Stavanger Tourist Information Office
11:40am Clarion Collection Hotel Skagen Brygge
11:45am Scandic Stavanger City (back entrance)
11:50am Thon Hotel Maritim (back entrance)
11:50am Stavanger Bed & Breakfast

The tour ends in Stavanger (Sunday) at approximately 17.45 (5:45pm).

Day 1 – Friday

Your journey begins when your professional guide picks you up in Stavanger city-center at approximately 11:30am (see above for specific pick-up times and locations). At Outdoorlife Norway´s head quarters, you will receive an instruction and safety briefing to prepare you for the trek. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the guide(s) and other participants  =)

After the briefing, we´ll be transported to the base of the fjord, catching glimpses of some of the region’s many natural landscapes. You’ll then cruise the full length of the Lysefjord by ferry, during which you’ll see world-renowned Preikestolen from below, as well as getting your first glimpses of the Kjerag Boulder. Once back ashore, your guide will lead you on a 8-kilometer-long hike starting at the fjord’s edge and upward to an altitude of 825 meters above sea-level.

Most of the hike on day-1 follows a spectacular road, which is closed for the season, as it switchbacks its way up through 26 hairpin turns from the village of Lysebotn up into the Sirdal mountains. We will be using spikes or snowshoes if necessary. The last kilometer will be off-road, to reach the Kjerag Basecamp, which is located in a beautiful snow-covered valley. We´ll be walking with headlamps through the twilight of the falling night.

At the Kjerag Basecamp, which was made possible by Hilleberg by providing us with the best winter basecamp tents on the market, you can move into your new home for the next two nights. Your guide will prepare a hearty Norwegian stew that will warm both your body and soul. If you’re lucky, you’ll even enjoy a beautiful sunset over the fjord.

Day 2 – Saturday

This time of year, at higher altitudes, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll encounter snow and ice. Your guide has the experience and know-how, and will provide you with hiking poles, spikes, and snowshoes. While the sun rises over the mountains, your guide will lead you up to the Kjerag boulder. This portion of the trek is about 4.5 kilometers long and consists of two slopes that are interspersed with a valley. Breathe in the crisp, cool mountain air and experience the magic of hiking in solitude before the beginning of the high-season.

Once you reach the edge of the mountain’s plateau, while standing on a 1000-meter-high cliff, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the 42-kilometer-long Lysefjord: some of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer. At the boulder, hanging a heart-stopping 984 meters above the fjord. you will have time to relax and enjoy your packed lunch.

We have dedicated a full day to ensure a peaceful hike that allows enough time to enjoy Kjerag in winter conditions. After lunch, we will return to Kjerag Basecamp for another night in winter wonderland. Experience Norway’s long cold winter while sleeping under the stars!

If weather conditions are favorable, you may also have the opportunity to participate in a sunset and/or moonlight hike (optional).

Day 3 – Sunday

The last morning, we have time to sleep in a little bit and enjoy the tranquility of the area. If you still have lots of energy, you have the opportunity to participate in some more snow activities. After lunch, it´s time to descend back down into civilisation. The 8 kilometer decent will take approximately 3 hours. Your trip will end with a fjord cruise back out to the mouth of the fjord, followed by transportation back to Stavanger.

The tour ends in Stavanger at approximately* 17.45 (5.45pm).
*Due to the possibility of changing weather conditions, your trip may last longer than approximated.


Preikestolen Winter Hike
1,090 NOK per-person

The busy summer season is months away and the trail to Preikestolen is often covered in ice and snow. Grab this opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape of the Lysefjord.3-day kjerag winter basecamp trek - 3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek - Moderate snow

2018 Season: Jan. – Mar.

Wilderness Snowshoe Day Hike
1,290 NOK per-person

Thick layers of snow often blanket Stavanger’s mountainous hinterlands well into springtime. Enjoy a unique adventure while hiking through a winter wonderland, on snowshoes!
3-day kjerag winter basecamp trek - 3-day Kjerag Winter Basecamp Trek - Moderate snow

2018 Season: February – April


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

To encapsulate this journey in the space permitted is not possible….suffice it to say this was a trip 2 years in the making …
( We don’t have enough time or alcohol to discuss this in detail )…
First, I want to give Johannes an outstanding compliment
He remembered me from 2 years ago, and the original trip I booked with Outdoorlife
Norway … I lost a good bit of money due to circumstances beyond my control…
Johannes; however, was empathetic and he gave me a voucher for my current trip!!! … This was not expected, nor necessary, as he had nothing to do with the cancellation of my trip….( I must pause here to be very clear with everyone….I am not under any obligation to disclose this information, nor is Johannes required to supplement anyone’s travel plans that become derailed…especially if Outdoorlife Norway is NOT responsible for the derailment…) Yet, I wanted to tell everyone this part of my personal experience because it demonstrated Johannes passion, and conviction for creating an exceptional trek for all of his clients….⛺️
Moreover, if I sent emails to garner information about the trip, or ask questions to feel more comfortable about my upcoming adventure, he (or a staff member ) returned my emails the very next day at the latest….

From the moment his colleague, Eric picked me up, I knew I was going to have an amazing trip! Eric was engaging, and enthusiastic about the 3 day trek we were about to take… Once we arrived at the office, Johannes sat us down for an informational session, outlining the 3 day hike… no detail was too small to review, and his knowledge and training were evident from the start.

The ferry ride provided us with breathtaking views of the Cliffs similar to the ones we were to ascend once we reached our destination!!⛰ ( on a side note, we were able to see Preikestolen from the Fjord below, giving one an awe inspiring feeling of majesty in the mountains …

Johannes gave us solid instructions on the use of the snow shoes, and how to utilize our ski poles properly. We experienced ferocious winds on our initial ascent to our basecamp, and Johannes wasted no time in preparing us for the impact the wind would have on our climb… this was my first time hiking in heavy winter conditions, yet I felt confident in Johannes, and Eric’s abilities to guide us, and keep us on the right track to our destination…Base Camp…. ⛺️ Our meals were prepared each day, and they worked tirelessly to build a wind break wall around our camp, as well as a wall for the
Johannes provided the insight to know where we were going at all times, and to be realistic about the ever-changing weather patterns during our 3 days….He added extra treks for us to see The Fjords below, and to our ultimate day 2 destination….Kjerag
The boulder between the cliffs….!!!…

After some of the most grueling climbs ( Day 2 saw a few near vertical climbs ), and kilometers of trekking, we stopped. Johannes took this opportunity to speak to each of us individually to see if we were in good spirits, but more importantly, he wanted to make sure that each of us was mentally prepared for the long haul of hiking for the day. I genuinely appreciated this, and although I was excited and ready for more, I valued his attention to everyone in the group to see if anyone was overwhelmed….

We all made it, and we worked together as a team to encourage one another, and make this a memorable trip for each other….not to mention, the plethora of pictures Johannes and Eric took of us for the photo package ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING THE PHOTO PACKAGE…PERIOD )…

In closing, this was a phenomenal experience for me. A Life-Affirming trip! One that recharged my internal battery after a long year and a half of Professional studies

From the physical challenges of the trekking, to the meals, and comraderie, this trek did not disappoint.
Johannes provided a first class experience, and one that I will remember, well, forever.

People usually provide something negative as an “honest” appraisal of the trip, or hotel, or meal, or whatever they are reviewing…..
However, The only negativity for this expedition would be the negativity you bring yourself….If you want to challenge yourself, stretch your limits, and do something you have never done before, then bring the positive energy with YOU, and this will be an amazing experience for you too.


Eric M

Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

Me and my girlfriend did the 3 day kjerag winter hike, with Johannes and Eric as our guides. The hike itself was amazing, if not slightly challenging at times! The surroundings were breathtaking and the views we managed to get on some of the cliffs were out of this world. As for the guides, they went above and beyond their roles and made the whole experience simply splendid. They were friendly, supportive and no question or request was too much. They were extremely experienced hikers and guides who made us feel safe and allowed us to enjoy our trip massively. We highly recommend this company, its a once in a lifetime expereince that you certainly won´t forget. Thanks so much guys!!!!!



Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

I never usually write reviews, but for Johannes and the team I will make an exception. We did the Winter Hike to Kjeragbolten which is a 3 day hike, sleeping overnight in base camp style tents; from start to finish the experience was fantastic. We were lucky in that although my partner and I were the only two booked on the hike, it still went ahead which meant I could sneak my proposal in at the summit! In summary, Outdoorlife Norway are professional, competent, confident guides, excellent cooks, great photographers and all round good guys who went above and beyond the requirements more than once. Moreover, the hike really had a unique “expedition” experience – in the 3 days we didn’t see another soul on the mountain. This hike is the only way to reach Kjeragbolten in winter, we are both experienced hikers and campers but would not have had the skills to make this hike without going through Outdoorlife Norway. On top of all this the price is very reasonable in my opinion.

The kit they provide you with (e.g. Rab down jacket) is more than good enough to keep you comfortable in the conditions (though make sure you follow the packing guide carefully), the food and snacks they offer are ample, and on top of all that their English is excellent. I will say that you should be honest with yourself in terms of your camping and hiking ability, at points the terrain is quite steep which can be challenging in snow shoes depending on snow conditions, and camping when it is -10 degrees may not be for everyone, though I will reiterate that the kit provided is good enough to cope.

I would recommend getting the photography option – for the equivalent of £15 I now have very high standard pictures of my proposal which we will keep for a lifetime!

I’m trying to think of negatives to give the review some balance but I honestly can’t come up with many; the only one that springs to mind is that one of the guides had winter goggles which was not mentioned on the kit list, they would have come in very handy on the last day in +40mph winds so I would recommend packing these.

I hope if you’ve got this far you have found this review helpful, in summary Outdoorlife Norway 10/10!


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

I went on the hike with Johannes.
On the first day we went from the valley to the middle station. After camping and almost being snowed in over night, we went to Kjerag the next morning and then all the way back to the valley. As it had snowed a lot over night and continued snowing until about mid-day, there was at least half a meter of fresh snow and we were wearing snow-shoes the entire second day. This made it very challenging, but also made it feel like a proper expedition rather than an ordinary hike.
Overall this was an extraordinary experience that I would not want to miss, it was challenging and offered spectacular views. I can only recommend going to everyone who likes leaving the ordinary hiking tracks!


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

First i did the trip to Kjerag,slept in the tent in the mountain with a lot of snow and enjoyed the silence,the beautiful night sky full of stars,the serenity and the magic of the moment.It was amazing,once in life time experience.All equipment was provide by the company-tent,sleeping bag,spikes,pols,down jacket you can hire shoes from them also.The next day with our guide Johhanes we hiked and no regret,stunning views and scenery.Johhanes was amazing,very enthusiastic, so passionate and clearly he loves his job,he is very helpful,he will provide you with a lot of knowledge,nice sense of humor also.The weather was very nice and everything was magical.Next hike i did was Preikestolen was also another unique experience with Erlend-the other guide,who is also very dedicated to his work and will tell you a lot about the fjords,also very caring and attentive.I really had the time of my life and i will definitely will book more tours with them in the summer. Im strongly recommending Outdoorlife Norway.You will feel inspired,by the nature and also from this two young men who follow them dreams,who make the impossible possible,people with vision.

Neli P

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