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3-day Lysefjord Trek
Flørli and Kjerag

6,990 NOK per person | ★★★★★ (6 guest reviews)

Ever hiked along afjord? Admire the world-renowned Preikestolen from the fjord. Hike the longest wooden staircase in the world (4,444 steps), camp under the stars and hike to Kjerag.

2 fjord cruises
pre-hike accommodation at historical Flørli

2019 Departures:

July 19-21 (Friday-Sunday)
August 16-18 (Friday-Sunday)

This tour can also be organised for private groups.

Tour Includes

• Transportation
• Lysefjord cruise x2

• Professional guide
• Apartment accommodation | 1 night
• Tent accommodation | 1 night
• Dinner | days 1 + 2
• Breakfast | days 2 + 3

• Snack-bag
• Use of hiking poles
Common camping equipment

*drinks are not included

Please Bring

Proper hiking boots*
• Warm, thick socks
• Water-resistant pants*

• Rain-proof jacket*
• Thermal 
• Fleece or woolen sweater
• Warm hat and gloves 
• 60 liter backpack
• Sleeping bag*
• Sleeping mat*
• Headlamp*
• Water bottle
• Lunch & snacks for all days
• Sun glasses / sunscreen
• Personal hygiene items

A detailed packing list will be sent to you after booking. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

*items can also be rented


• Photography package | + 299 NOK
• Hiking boot rental | + 500 NOK
• Hiking pants rental | + 250 NOK

• Hiking jacket rental | + 250 NOK
• Sleeping bag rental | + 500 NOK
• Sleeping mat rental |
+ 100 NOK
• Headlamp rental |
+ 100 NOK


Suitable for adults who are in very good condition, and have previous hiking experience.

Narrow/non existent trails, mostly marked with simple signs/cairns. At times more technical “off-the-beaten-track” hiking. At times facilitated with simple technical equipment (ie chains, ropes). 

Mountainous. Steeper sections with rocky surfaces requiring good eye/hand/feet coordination. Unsteady surfaces and a variety of obstacles (ie creeks, swamps, bushes, boulders) occur.

20 kilometers

2,000 meters
(more information)


MAXIMUM: 14 Trekkers

≥ 16 years old

Please do not book tours that exceed your skill-level or physical abilities.

(more information)

Weather Changes

Due to the possibility of rapidly-changing weather conditions, it may be necessary to make changes to scheduled trips. In the event that your trip needs to be rescheduled for another day or cancelled on short notice, you may choose between joining the rescheduled trip or getting a refund. In the event that weather conditions deteriorate during your trip, it may be necessary to turn around on the trail or head back earlier than planned. If this happens, no refunds will be given.

Ever hiked along a fjord? Join us and experience the majesties of the Lysefjord. Besides admiring the world-renowned Preikestolen from the fjord and hiking to the Kjerag Boulder, you will also be given the opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore Flørli, home of the longest wooden stairway in the world (4.444 steps).

On Friday, you’ll meet your guide in Stavanger city-center. We will be enjoying a 1 hour fjord cruise to get to our starting point of the hike. Flørli, beautifully located halfway along the roadless Lysefjord, amidst 100-meter-high mountains, will be your home for the night. We relax and get ready to start the hike on day 2.

Your hike starts on Saturday. We’ll split the 20 kilometer long trail from Flørli to Kjerag in 2, while bridging a total ascent of 2.000 meters. We’ll take our time to enjoy the stunning views on the fjords, and surrounding mountains, cliffs and waterfalls, while spending the night in tents near one of the many mountain lakes.

On Sunday, we’ll hike to Kjerag and cross the fjord onces more. Travelling our way back by ferry, you can see the highlights from the hike and your achievements from a different perspective.

This is a demanding 2-day, 20-kilometer trek with a total ascent of 2,000 meters.

  • Day 1:
    Fjord cruise
    Accommodation at Flørli
  • Day 2: 10 km, ascent 1,000 meters
    Hike the world’s longest wooden staircase
    Outdoor accommodation in tents
  • Day 3: 10 km, ascent 1,000 meters
    Hike to Kjerag
    Fjord cruise

Total | 3 days
Fjord Cruises | 1 hour x 2
Hiking | 2 days
Distance | 10km + 10 km
Ascent | 1,000m + 1,000m

The tour starts in Stavanger (Saturday), with a briefing at our office:
Address: Ryfylkegata 13, Stavanger
Meeting time: 11:30am

The tour ends on Sunday in Stavanger at approximately 17:45 (5:45pm).

Day 1 | Friday

You will meet your guide(s) at Outdoorlife Norway´s office in Stavanger (11.30am). After a briefing, we will walk to the terminal, to board our ferry to the Lysefjord. During the 2 hour fjord cruise to Flørli, we will navigate through the Høgsfjord and under a suspension bridge that spans the mouth of the Lysefjord. Steep mountain walls towering hundreds of meters above the fjord will then emerge. The cruise will transport you further into the Lysefjord and where you will pass waterfalls, abandoned farms, and the famous Preikestolen cliff, which towers 604 meters above sea-level.

The ferry will get us to our starting point of the hike: Flørli, situated halfway along the roadless Lysefjord. Flørli is an abandoned power plant community. We’ll dine in the former water powerplant facility, which is now a museum, and then spend the night in 8-person apartments (3-4 people per bedroom) with great views of the fjord. Before you go to bed, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a Norwegian jacuzzi on the fjord’s shoreline.

Day 2 | Saturday

We climb the world’s longest wooden stairway, counting 4.444 steps, following the old iron tubes the fed the power plant with falling water. You can count them all, or enjoy the gradual transition from fjord to mountain. Hiking the stairs, we bridge 740 meters of elevation. On the top, we follow the south side of the fjord for another 6 kilometers and 400 meters of elevation. After a lunch and three more hours of hiking, we’ll camp in tents, near one of the many mountain lakes. During the hike, we will be carrying our own tents. Outdoorlife Norway will provide you with light weight tents, included in the price.

Day 3 | Sunday

After breaking up camp, we have do some more ascending. It’s all worth it, because today we are visiting the very Majesty of the Lysefjord: the Kjerag Boulder. Standing on the boulder – which hangs at an altitude of 984 meters –  is reserved for daredevils only. When we encounter the edge of the mountain plateau, panoramic views on the 42 kilometer long Lysefjord – flanked by 1000 meter high mountain walls – will unfold. If we are lucky, we’ll be able to see basejumpers – a legal sport in Norway. We’ll take it easy and enjoy a lunch and break at the boulder. The walk to the parking lot takes approximately 2 hours. In total, we will hike 10 kilometer and 900 meters of elevation on day 3.

After a short transit to Lysebotn, the ferry will take us back. Travelling through the Lysefjord one more time, you’ll be able to enjoy the highlights from the hike once more and see and your achievements from a different perspective.

The tour ends in Stavanger at approximately* 17.45 (5.45pm).
*Due to the possibility of changing weather conditions, your trip may last longer than approximated.


From 11,990 NOK per-person

multi-day trekking adventures - Multi-day trekking adventures - More difficult 1  - 3-day Lysefjord Trek | Flørli - Kjerag - More difficult 1Admire world-renowned Preikestolen from the Lysefjord, hike off the beaten track to the Kjerag Boulder, and climb the longest wooden stairway in the world (4,444 steps) at Flørli.

2019 Departures
July 15-19
August 12-16

This tour can also be organised for private groups.


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

I did the 3-day Flørli to Kjerag hike and the Preikestolen Sunrise Hike and both were superb. Guides were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I love how Outdoorlife Norway truly takes you off the beaten track and away from the crowds. Such a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!


Verified review, copied from TripAdvisor

10/10 for this young company.
A professional outfit run by a passionate friendly responsible young man.
I choose well going with this company. I felt safe at all times I felt welcome and I felt encouraged thruout my 2 very long days trips.
Johannes is quick to respond by email, efficient and helpful prior to arrival.
His passion for hiking is infectious and he delivers everything just right.
Well Done Outdoorlifenorway Well Done.


Top-notch hike, breath-taking scenery, and a real gentleman guide …. there’s no other way to describe this experience created by Johannes, because words don’t do any justice! book it NOW ..


The hike to Flørli and Kjerag with Johannes was fantastic! Johannes took us through the most spectacular sites of the Lysefjord – the nature was breathtaking. He’s the perfect guide, I felt super safe during the entire hike, even the tricky parts of the track were easy to pass with Johannes’ instructions. He treated us with chocolate and fresh juice and cooked us a super-duper dinner at the campsite. Johannes is very professional and the trips are planned right down to the last detail.
The communication pre and post hike was very easy and fast. Johannes made sure that no questions were left unanswered. I would warmly recommend going on a hike with outdoorlifenorway, you won’t regret it! The hike to Flørli and Kjerag was one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life so far. I’m looking forward to the next hike with Johannes, takk for turen!


The Lysefjord trip surpassed expectations! The hike begins with a strenuous 4444 step walk from Flori with amazing fjord views from only a few steps in. Then we hiked past countless beautiful lakes and rock formations until we pitched our tent for the night. The next day got better, scrambling up steep hillsides and posing on the Kjerag rock. This is a difficult hike and worth every second to see the beautiful scenery of Norway! Great organisation by Johannes who was also a great guide. We also had a fantastic group which made it all the more enjoyable. Thoroughly recommend this hike and Outdoor Life Norway.


This is a great choice of hike. It was such a fantastic route and when Johannes says “off the beaten track” he means it! I had such fun climbing over boulders, waterfalls, snow and heather 🙂  - 3-day Lysefjord Trek | Flørli - Kjerag - 1f642His ability to produce one impressive view after the other as well as chocolate after a steep climb was just superb! The camping spot was perfect in the route and the distance was covered easily. It does require some good fitness and does push you out your comfort zone however with Johannes smiling and encouraging you every step of the way- completely doable


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