Discover the amazing Lysefjord from a completely different perspective!

Majestic attractions, such as Preikestolen and Kjerag, are often visited, but hardly ever admired from sea level.

Enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful fjord by kayak.
Feel humble, looking at immense granite walls, towering hundreds of meters up from the fjord.
Get carried away by our stunning nature.
When lucky, you might encounter porpoises,
seals, sea eagles, and even basejumpers.

The kayak season is over, we’ll be back in 2017!

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Our kayak tours are organized in cooperation with Flørli 4,444.

Kjerag Bigwall Kayak
3 hrs guided kayak tour
Join us from Lysebotn and paddle the Kjerag Bigwalls! Glide silently underneath the majestic granite walls towering hundreds of meters above the Lysefjord.
Season: Back in 2017

Lysefjord Kayak Expedition
3 day guided kayak tour
Experience tranquility, while paddling the full length of the beautiful Lysefjord. Glide along and enjoy the highlights, incl. Preikestolen, Flørli and Kjerag.
Season: Back in 2017



The 3 hrs guided Kjerag Bigwall Kayak tour starts in Lysebotn.
The 3 day guided Lysefjord Kayak Expedition starts in Forsand.
Please read the tour descriptions carefully for information about how to get to Lysebotn and Forsand.

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