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Kjerag Hikes

Visit the unforgettable ‘Majesty of the Lysefjord’, any season!

2-day Winter Hike

Breathtaking Views – Snow-Capped Mountains – Under the Stars
February – May

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Preseason Hike

Crisp Mountain Air – Peace & Solitude – Kjerag’s Famous Boulder
May – June

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"Beat the Crowd" Summer Hike

Cruise the Lysefjord –  Kjerag’s Boulder – Spectacular Views
June – August

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Autumn Hike

Flame-Colored Foliage – Cool & Crisp Air – Unforgettable Views
September – October

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2-day Winter Hike to Kjerag
Price: 3,990 NOK
During the winter, the trail up to Kjerag is inaccessible. Trek on snow shoes to Kjerag’s famous boulder, camp in the snow-covered mountains, and experience the serenity of Norway’s wintertime.
2017 Dates: 

Feb. 23rd – 24th
Mar. 2nd – 3rd
Mar. 9th – 10th
Apr. 6th – 7th
Apr. 27th – 28th

May 4th – 5th

Preseason Hike to Kjerag
Price: 1,290 NOK

Before the high season kicks in, experience the silence of Norway’s mountains. Expect snow conditions. Your guide knows the way, and will provide you with spikes / snowshoes.
2017 Season:
May – June

Kjerag Hikes

About 10,000 years ago, massive glaciers formed Norway’s rugged landscapes and fjords. At some point, the famous Kjerag boulder was wedged into a mountain crevasse. Ever since, the ‘Majesty of the Lysefjord’ has been suspended a heart-stopping 984 meters over the fjord.

Feel the exhilaration of standing on Kjerag’s cliff side -almost a kilometer above the Lysefjord- and enjoy the panoramic view of some of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer. If you dare (and conditions allow), stand atop the Kjerag boulder, which hangs a heart-stopping 984 meters above the fjord.


Kjerag Summer Hike
“Beat the Crowd”
Price: 1,290 NOK

Searching for a unique experience? Cruise through the Lysefjord and hike up the trail to Kjerag in near solitude.
2017 Season:
June – Aug.

Autumn Hike to Kjerag
Price: 1,290 NOK

During autumn, the Kjerag mountain foliage becomes shades of yellow and orange. Visitors are rare and the chance of snow increases. Necessary spikes and/or snowshoes are included.
2017 Season:
Sept. – Oct.

Other outdoor adventures including Kjerag

Lysefjord Hike – Flørli to Kjerag
3-day tour
Enjoy mountains, cliffs, and waterfalls along the Lysefjord.

Price: 4,990 NOK

Hiking – 2 Days (10km + 10km)
Day 1: 
Lysefjord cruise
+ Fjord-view accommodation
Day 2: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
+ Lake-side mountain camping
Day 3: Hike to Kjerag’s boulder
+ View the Lysefjord from above
+ Stand atop boulder (if you dare)

2017 Dates:
July 21 – 23
Aug. 4 – 6
Aug. 25 – 27

Lysefjorden Rock Stars
4-day tour

Our toughest challenge: Trek to Preikestolen, Flørli & Kjerag over a long weekend.

Price: 9,990 NOK

Hiking – 2 Days (11km + 23km)
Day 1: Briefing + 3-course dinner
(Preikestolen Mountain Lodge)
Day 2: Hike ‘off the beaten track’
to Preikestolen + RIB fjord safari
+ Fjord-view accommodation
+ Jacuzzi  =)
Day 3: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
+ Hike to Kjerag
+ Overnight at Lysefjorden Lodge
Day 4: Sightseeing in Lysebotn
+ Lysefjord cruise

2017 Dates:
July 13 – 16

Transport of Luggage Included!

Hiking the Lysefjord
5-day tour
Hike ‘off the beaten track’ to Preikestolen, Flørli & Kjerag. 

Price: 12,990 NOK

Hiking – 4 Days
(9km + 6km + 10km + 10km)
Day 1:
 Hike to Preikestolen
+ Camp in hammock tents
Day 2: Trek to rarely-seen views
+ Cruise along the fjord
+ Fjord-view accommodation
Day 3: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
+ Lakeside mountain camping
Day 4: Hike to Kjerag
+ B&B accomodation
Day 5: Lysefjord cruise

2017 Dates:
July 3 – 7
Aug. 14 – 18


Lysefjord Outdoor Photography Workshop
8-day tour
Improve your photography at a series of unique locations along “the Fjord of Lights” with travel photographer Frank Peters.

Price: 23,990 NOK

Hiking – 5 Days
(8km + 5km + 6km + 6km + 10km)
Kayaking – 1 Day (7km)
2 days without physical activity

Day 1: Check-in at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge
Day 2: Preikestolen sunrise & sunset photography
Day 3: Fjord cruise and Flørli photo shoot
Day 4: Kjerag sunset camping & photography
Day 5: Kjerag sunrise photography
Day 6: Fjord kayak and RIB
Day 7: Preikestolen ‘off the beaten track´
Day 8: Return to Stavanger

2017 Dates:
September 16 – 23


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