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Thank you for your interest in Outdoorlife Norway! This page is designed to supply you with information to help make your job easier. 

Are you looking for information that will help you develop a new storyline or catch the interest of an editor? Do you want behind-the-scenes access to the Lysefjord’s pioneer in outdoor adventures? Would you like to arrange a press trip to one of the area’s iconic landmarks?

We can help you in gathering exciting content for your next story. On our website, you’ll find team-member profiles, tour origins, our company history, plus much more. Credentialed journalists are welcome to request access to our database of high-resolution photos and assistance in organizing press tours. 

Media / Press Inquiries

Are you a professional journalist or social media influencer looking to include Outdoorlife Norway in your next story? We can assist you!

Johannes C. Apon, CEO
media@outdoorlifenorway.com | +47 51 88 03 88

Our Office Hours
Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 17:00 (5:00pm)
Central European Time

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Please also see our list of frequently asked questions, below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services can Outdoorlife Norway Offer me as a Professional Journalist or Social Media Influencer?

We are happy to assist credentialed journalists and social media influencers, who have a substantial, relevant following, that would like to include Outdoorlife Norway in a future story. Our local experts can offer the following services:

    • Exclusive interviews 
    • Story ideas
    • Partial or full sponsorship for joining our public/group tours
    • Privately-guided tours (reserved for especially-relevant stories produced by media houses)
    • Access to our database of high-resolution photos
    • Assistance in planning regional nature-based travel

How Do I Send Inquiries For Media-Related Content?

To request story ideas and content, interviews, or access to our photo database, please send us an email inquiry.

To ensure that you’ll get a response as quickly as possible, please let us know what kind of assistance you are seeking,
including any special requirements.

Please also include the following:

    • Information about your message/angle
    • Name of media house/publication
    • Media-type (print, film, web, etc.)
    • Information about your audience
    • Publication date
    • Media-kit, if available

Do I, as a Member of The Media, Get Special Pricing / Deals When Joining Your Tours?

If one of our Destination Marketing Organizations, Region Stavanger or Fjord Norway, approve your credentials and media relevancy, Outdoorlife Norway may offer partial or full sponsorship for participation on our tours.

This will be agreed to on a case-to-case basis, and Outdoorlife Norway reserves the right to decline collaborations. 

How do You Quality-Check the Credentials of Members of the Media?

We receive frequent requests by journalists and social media influencers who would like to join our tours and/or receive assistance in telling their stories. Because we have limited resources, it’s necessary for us to check the credentials / relevancy of potential collaborators prior to any agreements being made. 

Our Destination Marketing Organizations, Region Stavanger and Fjord Norway, serve as our official means to quality-check credentials and media relevancy. Journalists and influencers that Outdoorlife Norway is not already familiar with must be approved by these organizations prior to being given assistance. 

When Joining Your Tours, is it Possible to Film With A Drone?

Because of aviation rules, permits are required for the use of drones at both Kjerag and Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). 

There are a few alternatives for those who are really determined to capture drone footage:

    • We can offer assistance to professional journalists who would like to obtain filming permits
    • We can offer assistance in contracting a professional, local drone pilot

Please contact us for further information. 

Are There Any Rules for Journalists / Influencers who Join Your Tours?

Our public/group tours are open for bookings from all over the world. As such, we must have rules in place that protect the interests and privacy of our guests:

    • Guests must be briefed with information about the media’s goals prior to the start of the tour
    • Guests must give their express approval before being photographed/filmed by members of the media
    • Outdoorlife Norway does not share our guests’ personal or contact information with third parties
    • If members of the media would like personal information from other guests, it must be requested during the tour
    • Outdoorlife Norway cannot alter or delay public/group tours to accommodate special requests from members of the media

What Does Outdoorlife Norway Require of Members of the Media With Whom They Collaborate?

In exchange for assistance with content and/or tour-participation sponsorship, we request the following:

    • Outdoorlife Norway must be mentioned in any film footage
    • Outdoorlife Norway must be given credit for any use of our photos in print/online media
    • Outdoorlife Norway must be tagged in any social media content that results from our collaboration

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