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Preikestolen Hikes

Experience one of Norway’s most iconic natural landmarks, year round!

Winter Day Hike

Thick Layers of Snow – Crisp Mountain Air – Peace & Solitude
January – March

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Spring Day Hike

Fresh Mountain Air – Crisp Green Folliage – Springtime Serenity
March – April

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Hidden Trails – Exclusive Viewpoints – Crowd-Free Experience
April – October

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Sunrise Hike

Twilight Hike in Near-Solitude – Sunrise Over the Lysefjord
April – October

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Autumn Day Hike

Magical Post-Equinox Daylight – Autumn’s Shifting Colors
November – December

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Preikestolen Hike
“Off the Beaten Track”

Price: 1,190 NOK

Avoid the crowds, paddle in a canoe, and encounter unique views of Preikestolen and the Lysefjord. Includes off-trail hiking and scrambling.
2017 Season:
Apr. – Oct.



Preikestolen Sunrise Hike
Price: 1,290 NOK

Experience a unique Preikestolen adventure, guaranteed to be crowd-free! Join us on a twilight hike to Preikestolen and catch the sun rising over the Lysefjord.
2017 Season:
Apr. – Sept.

Preikestolen Hikes

Often called the most iconic in Norway. Standing on the 604-meter-high cliff, the panoramic view of the Lysefjord is of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer. In 2017, approximately 300,000 hikers will hike to this imposing cliff.

Outdoorlife Norway invites you to experience a more unique
Preikestolen hiking adventure, year round!


Autumn Hike to Preikestolen
Price: 1,090 NOK

During autumn, visitor numbers begin to drop. Shorter days create stunning light conditions. The forests turn yellow, orange, and red. Sometimes there’s even snow on the ground.
2017 Season: Oct. – Dec.



Preikestolen Winter Day Hike
Price: 1,090 NOK

The busy summer season is months away and the trail to Preikestolen is often covered in ice and snow. Grab this opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape of the Lysefjord.
Will be back in 2018 

Preikestolen Spring Hike
Price: 1,190 NOK

This time of year, visitor numbers remain low. Grab the chance to enjoy Preikestolen and the Lysefjord during the serenity of springtime. 
Will be back in 2018

Other outdoor adventures including Preikestolen

Lysefjorden Rock Stars
4-day tour

Our toughest challenge: Trek to Preikestolen, Flørli & Kjerag over a long weekend.

Price: 9,990 NOK

Hiking – 2 Days (11km + 23km)
Day 1: Briefing + 3-course dinner
(Preikestolen Mountain Lodge)
Day 2: Hike ‘off the beaten track’
to Preikestolen + RIB fjord safari
+ Fjord-view accommodation
+ Jacuzzi  =)
Day 3: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
+ Hike to Kjerag
+ Overnight at Lysefjorden Lodge
Day 4: Sightseeing in Lysebotn
+ Lysefjord cruise

2017 Dates:
July 13 – 16

Transport of Luggage Included!

Hiking the Lysefjord
5-day tour
Hike ‘off the beaten track’ to Preikestolen, Flørli & Kjerag. 

Price: 12,990 NOK

Hiking – 4 Days
(9km + 6km + 10km + 10km)
Day 1:
 Hike to Preikestolen
+ Camp in hammock tents
Day 2: Trek to rarely-seen views
+ Cruise along the fjord
+ Fjord-view accommodation
Day 3: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
+ Lakeside mountain camping
Day 4: Hike to Kjerag
+ B&B accomodation
Day 5: Lysefjord cruise

2017 Dates:
July 3 – 7
Aug. 14 – 18


Lysefjord Bike & Hike
5-day tour
Bike and Hike while exploring Preikestolen, Flørli & the vast Lysefjord

Price: 13,990 NOK

Biking – 3 Days
(10km + 30km + 50 km)
Hiking – 2 Days (10km + 6km)
Day 1: Bike to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge
Day 2: Canoe across a lake
+ Hike ‘off the beaten track’
to Preikestolen
Day 3: Bike in & around the fjord
+ Cruise through the Lysefjord
+ Fjord-view accommodation
+ Jacuzzi  =)
Day 4: Hike Flørli’s 4,444 steps
Day 5: Bike 50km over a mountain
+ Celebrate with a beer tasting

2017 Dates:
April 28 – May 2
May 26 – 30
June 23 – 27
September 1 – 5

Transport of Luggage Included!

Lysefjord Outdoor Photography Workshop
8-day tour
Improve your photography at a series of unique locations along “the Fjord of Lights” with travel photographer Frank Peters.

Price: 23,990 NOK

Hiking – 5 Days
(8km + 5km + 6km + 6km + 10km)
Kayaking – 1 Day (7km)
2 days without physical activity

Day 1: Check-in at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge
Day 2: Preikestolen sunrise & sunset photography
Day 3: Fjord cruise and Flørli photo shoot
Day 4: Kjerag sunset camping & photography
Day 5: Kjerag sunrise photography
Day 6: Fjord kayak and RIB
Day 7: Preikestolen ‘off the beaten track´
Day 8: Return to Stavanger

2017 Dates:
September 16 – 23


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