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Tourism Development & Consultancy

Access to natural areas and national parks constitutes an opportunity for tourism development. Whilst new nature conservation and management policies in Norway seem to express more and more concern for tourism interests, many areas are still characterized by low levels of accessibility, facilitation and infrastructure. Additionally, the tourism industry is often fragmented, seasonal and depending on part-time lifestyle entrepreneurs. Information is rather meager and scattered around the internet, and sometimes lacking other languages than Norwegian.

Nature-based tourism development in Norway can only be realized through active handling of decisive nature and tourism management authorities, while developing holistic, long term, tailored tourism strategies in a cooperative way and fitting within wider nature management and economic policies.

Improvement of trails, signposting, facilities, transportation services, accommodation, hospitality and other infrastructure is needed to overcome the lower threshold of development – under which development strategies and goals remain nothing more than a dream. Professionalization, more coordination and cooperation with and among activity providers as well as active product development is necessary to realize new innovative nature-based activities that involve holistic solutions, creating memorable and sustainable experiences, and providing business opportunities. Furthermore, tourists desiring to engage in nature-based activities in Norway need better facilitation through high-quality first-hand and detailed information. The nature-based tourism industry should be monitored and should constantly adapt to new trends and changing internal and external factors.

Fortunately, more and more nature management authorities, destination marketing organizations and business development companies are doing great, initiating development projects all around Norway. But there is a lot of work to be done!

Please contact Outdoorlife Norway if your tourism development project is in need of professional expertise. With an academic background in tourism and guiding, and work experience throughout the various linkages within the tourism value chain I can provide fundamental and practical consultation on all aspects of nature-based tourism. For more details about Outdoorlife Norway’s background, read here.

Tourism Research

Nature-based tourism development should be based on solid research. There are countless questions to address: What outdoor activities are future visitors to Norway interested in? What are efficient visitor management models for natural areas? How do we reach main markets and segments within nature-based tourism? What are the success factors and constraints among nature-based tourism enterprises? How much money do visitors really use when visiting Norway, and how to make them use more? How to influence visitors’ behavior in fragile natural areas to limit negative environmental impacts? What kind of facilitation, infrastructure and information do nature-based tourists require? Can cruise tourism be sustainable? How to get round trip travelers out of their cars? How to measure visitors’ perception of nature-based experiences and how can activity providers optimize nature-based and adventure tourism experiences? When does crowding become a problem and how to disperse tourist among more attractions and destinations? What is the role of social media and how can activity providers use them efficiently?

Tourism has not always been considered a ‘real’ field of science or research. However, the Norwegian tourism industry cannot afford having to resort to guessing. Also here, a lot of work needs to be done!

Get in contact with Outdoorlife Norway if your research project needs help of an, academic qualified researcher with a focus on Norwegian nature-based tourism, and a background of extensive (inter)national personal experience with nature-based tourism activities. For more details about Outdoorlife Norway’s background, read here.

Previous clients



Stiftelsen Preikestolen

Report on the possibilities and limitations for nature conservation and tourism development related to a possible establishment of Preikestolen National Park.




Lysefjorden Utvikling AS

Survey among hikers to Kjerag, analysing their experiences, satisfaction with facilities on site, and interest in longer/other hikes along the Lysefjord, as well as other activities in the area.


Norwegian University Of Life Science

Master thesis on the relationship between National Parks and Nature-based tourism business development. Mapping nature-based tourism businesses in Norway, research project “Nature -based tourism companies, competency and recruitment”.

Norwegian Skating Festival

Bachelor thesis on tailoring event development to Dutch skating tourists’ preferences.


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