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Norway Travel Tips

Preparation is everything. Norway is a very long-stretched country, with countless valleys, mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls and fjords and 25,000 kilometers of coastline sprinkled with thousands of islands. There are just so many roads to travels, trails to hike, attractions to visit and activities to do. Where to spent your precious time, what to do? Many people get lost in the jungle of ferry time tables and meager route and hike descriptions found on the internet. To help you through the decision-making process, Outdoorlife Norway offers the ‘Travel Tips Norway’-service. At, you’ll find unforgettable roundtrips and activities, carefully selected and described based on 100% own experiences gained by owner Johannes C. Apon. All travel tips are colorfully illustrated with 100% own pictures. Some of the travel tips have been published as handy booklets and can be purchased below. Nice to bring with you on your next holiday to Norway!

Personal Advice

Outdoorlife Norway encourages you to get off the beaten track! If you have any questions concerning your next visit to Norway – i.e. about routes, transportation, accommodation, attractions or activities – don’t hesitate to get into contact for additional honest and first hand personal travel advice. Through my courses in Outdoorlife and Arctic Nature Guiding, as well as countless private trips by car, cycle and feet, I have gained personal experience with many summer and winter activities in almost all corners of Norway, including Svalbard. Together with a tourism degree and six summers of work experience at the Tourist Information Office in Stavanger, this constitutes a solid base for quality travel advice.


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