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Why Outdoorlife Norway

Why Outdoorlife Norway?

We at Outdoorlife Norway are confident that our team has the most to offer when it comes to guided nature tours in and around the Lysefjord. Below, we’ve detailed some of the reasons we believe you should choose us when booking your next guided outdoor adventure.

Proven Track Record & Excellent Guest Reviews

Having led more than 1,250 tours to Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock, and more than 450 tours to Kjerag, Outdoorlife Norway has a proven track record of providing premium, authentic outdoor experiences in and around the Lysefjord. We are a top-rated activity provider that consistently exceeds our guests’ expectations. Our service has been rated as ‘excellent’ (5-stars) by 96% of reviewers on Trip Advisor, where more than 500 of our guests have offered feedback. We are rated #1 in Outdoor Activities in Stavanger, Day Trips, Nature & Wildlife Tours, Stavanger Tours, and Hiking & Camping Tours.

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Small Group Adventures

Because we believe that guiding small groups encourages the best interactions between the guests, the guide, and the natural world, our group hiking and trekking tours are always limited to a maximum of 14 guests*. However, the majority of our group tours include between 5-7 participants. What this means for our guests is that they participate in personalized hiking tours that prioritize the quality of experience above all else.

 *The only exception to this standard is our privately-guided tours, where we tailor trips to meet the guests’ individual needs.

Exceptional Guides

As a leading provider of outdoor adventures, we understand that the single most important factor in creating extraordinary wilderness experiences is the quality of our guides. Outdoorlife Norway is committed to hiring, training, and retaining the region’s most exceptional team of nature guides. To ensure this, we seek out career-minded individuals, evaluate them while they shadow our senior guides, and conduct ongoing training. In addition to competency related to the technicalities of nature guiding, we also require superior people skills. Our guides have the ability to turn a great experience into an unforgettable, inspiring – and sometimes even life changing – adventure.

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High-Quality Gear

It’s our mission to make it safer and easier for people to get outdoors and experience Norway’s beautiful nature. We don’t want anyone to miss the opportunity to join us just because they don’t have, or would like to avoid packing, the gear they need during our tours. For that reason, we maintain an inventory of high-quality outdoor gear to make sure our guests have access to items necessary for a safe and comfortable hiking/trekking experience. Some items, such as headlamps and hiking-sticks, are included in the ticket price of most of our tours. Other items, such as rain/wind-proof clothing, proper hiking boots, day-packs, sleeping bags, and down jackets, can be rented for a fair price.

Flexible Rebooking and Refund Policies

We are sympathetic to the fact that life doesn’t always turn out as planned, and understand that our guests’ may be required to change their plans. For that reason, we have developed a generous, tiered refund policy that gives guests a 100% refund, minus a 200 NOK admin. fee, on bookings cancelled at least one month prior to their tour date(s). In addition, we offer reasonably-priced cancellation protection that allows guests even more flexibility. For last-minute emergencies, we offer transferable credit vouchers that can be used anytime in the future.

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Timely, Competent, and Friendly Customer Service

We have a knowledgeable support staff that’s ready and able to answer questions, be them from potential or confirmed guests. Everyone on our team has extensive knowledge about our tours, the region, and Norway in general. To ensure that inquiries are answered in a timely manner, our email and Facebook accounts are monitored seven days a week.

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Comprehensive Risk Management

For Outdoorlife Norway, safety always comes first. At all times, it’s fundamental that the safety and security of both our guests and the members of our staff remains in focus. The Norwegian government has not yet established legal minimum requirements for nature guiding businesses. Outdoorlife Norway has developed its own dynamic system for managing the risks inherent in wilderness guiding, based on the ISO 21101 Handbook for Adventure Tourism Safety, and guidelines from the Norwegian Nature Guide Association.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to minimize risk:

Tour-specific Risk Analysis
Developed and maintained for every tour we offer. Actively used in training our guides.

Continually Updated Tour-specific Guiding Manuals
Ensure that our guides always have easy access to the most up-to-date and relevant safety information.

Extensive Safety-Training
Required before our newly-hired guides are allowed to have the sole responsibility for tours/guests. Training includes (annual) completion of an outdoor first-aid course, mastering of our health, safety, practical, and logistics routines and of our internal checklists and reporting systems. Newly-hired guides must also train in the field by shadowing one of our senior guides before becoming a fully-qualified, independent Outdoorlife Norway guide.

Safety-focused Work Schedules
To be certain that our guides are well-rested between tours, we developed a scheduling system that ensures that they do not lead back-to-back tours.  To make sure that our support staff is always at their best, we allow them some flexibility with regards to when and from where they work.

We Strive to Protect the Environment 

Environmental sustainability has always taken a central role in Outdoorlife Norway’s business philosophy. We are committed to conveying the intrinsic value of simple outdoor/nature pursuits. Our goal is that, through experiences with Norway’s natural environment, visitors gain environmental awareness and are inspired to be environmental ambassadors around the world.

To ensure that future generations also get to enjoy pristine nature, it’s important that we leave as little trace behind as possible. Outdoorlife Norway must always keep the environment in mind, whether it be with regards to purchasing supplies, transporting guests, or in the day-to-day operations of our Activity Center at Preikestolen Basecamp.

For us, environmental sustainability also involves securing local, year-round jobs and a thorough Health, Safety, and Environment (Occupational Health & Safety) framework that ensures safe experiences for both our guests and our employees.

We are continually working to improve our environmental footprint. It is with great pride to announce that our efforts have led us to becoming a certified member of Norway’s most respected environmental management system, Eco-lighthouse (Miljøfyrtårn). Certification is an official recognition that we have worked toward implementing business practices on a systemic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally-friendly business model.

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