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Outdoorlife Norway AS

Norwegian Org. Number: 915369782

Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 17:00 (5:00pm)
Central European Time

 +47 51 88 03 88
E-mail: booking@outdoorlifenorway.com

Off-hours, only e-mail inquiries will be answered.

- Contact - 14714790 10154685311645530 9109562176595022941 o
Owner / guide Johannes C. Apon

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as our answers. Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have a question that is not listed below.

How do I know if a hike's level of difficulty exceeds my skills/physical abilities?

Each hike is labelled with an icon, which is related to our ‘Hiking Difficulty Scale’. The scale was developed to help you determine which hikes best match your skill-set/fitness level:

Easiest  - Contact - EasiestEasy  - Contact - EasyModerate  - Contact - ModerateMore difficult  - Contact - More difficult 1Very difficult  - Contact - Very difficult      Snow activity  - Contact - Snow activity

Please avoid booking tours that exceed your hiking skills/physical abilities. During our group hikes, guests who are unable to maintain the group’s hiking pace and/or do not have the required skills to hike safely, may be required by the guide to turn back.

Guests who would like to hike with a guide, but believe that the difficulty-level of our group hikes exceed their skills/abilities, have the option of booking private tours that can be tailored specifically to their needs. In such cases, we ask that inquires be sent via email.

What happens with a planned tour if it is bad weather?

We follow the weather forecasts from the Norwegian Meteorologisk Institutt closely. You can check them yourself at www.yr.no.

Like you, we like to hike in nice weather. However, some clouds, rain and wind are not a problem for participating on our tours. Before the tour, we always send our guests an information email with instructions about proper clothing to bring. If needed, Outdoorlife Norway also provides rental of hiking boots and waterproof hiking pants and jackets.

In case the weather forecast is really bad, Outdoorlife Norway may cancel your tour. In that event, you will receive an email, at the latest 6 hours before departure, and you will get a full refund to the credit-card you used when booking.

Weather in the mountains may change fast. Safety comes first, and Outdoorlife Norway will always respect the weather conditions. In case we have to abort an already started tour and turn around while we are in the mountains, no refund is given.

Please read our general conditions of contract before booking.





How/When do I get the pictures the guide took during the hike?

Do you want to make sure you get great shots of your trip?
You can focus on the experience and leave the photography to us!

1. About our photograhy packages

To ensure that you have the opportunity to attain unforgettable photos, Outdoorlife Norway’s guides carry with them high-quality cameras / equipment and know how to get to all the best locations. Your guide also has the skills to capture the best possible photos of your trip. Per trip, we take between 100-200 pictures, in RAW format. Post-tour, we select the 25-40 best pictures, representing a mixture of landscape, action, group and posing photos. After being professionally edited, your trip’s photos will be posted for download at a later time.

You can add the photography package to your order when booking our tours. If you have not pre-ordered a photography package when you booked the tour, you may still do so: simply send us an email (booking@outdoorlifenorway.com) and then pay upon arrival.

NOTE: Of course, you are free to take photos with you own camera! However, your guide cannot handle your phone or personal camera. Logistically, it is not possible for our guides to handle multiple phones and/or cameras during the trip. Additionally, we do not want to be held responsible for the loss or damage of your equipment.

2. How to retrieve the photos the guide took during the trip

The photos are normally edited and ready for download within 24 hours after your tour. However, when we have many trips, it might sometimes take up to 72 hours to get the photos ready. The photos are your memories, and they should have the best quality!

If you have already ordered the photography package (when you booked, or paid directly to the guide), we will send you an email with download link to the photos automatically. Easy as that!

If you have not ordered the photography package beforehand, you can check them out here:
The photos are organized by date. Every tour has its own folder (yyyymmdd). When you like the photos, you can pay and download them directly from this site. This can only be done from a computer, not from a phone or tablet.

Our Photo Service is offered as an extra service, and rates are set to be affordable and competitive.
The photos are only sold as a package, and cannot be bought separately.

How can I see if a tour is available on a specific date?
  1. Check out our WinterDay Hikes, Multi-Day Trekking and Private Tours pages.
    On those pages, you can find an overview of all the tours we organize.
  2. Click on the tour you would like to join. The tour description page will pop up and mention the season, i.e. the range of dates when the tour will be organized.
  3. To check actual availability on a specific date, and number of spots left open for booking, click on the “Book Now” button. A calender will pop up, showing all available dates in bold.
  4. Click on the date you prefer and book the tour. =)
Is it a good idea to plan a flight/train just before and/or after a hike?

It is our philosophy that you will enjoy your hike and the nature you will see along the way.
Two pieces of good advice:

  1. Do not take the overnight train from Oslo to Stavanger the night before your hike.
    Hiking around Lysefjord (especially to Kjerag) is not a stroll in the park. We have seen quite a few guests that were very tired after little sleep on the 8 hour night train. You don’t get the same experience, and might even put yourself, and others, at greater risk, because you are not as focused while hiking as you could be. Also, the train is often delayed, creating a stress factor for yourself, and the guide. We cannot make our other guests wait because your train is delayed.
  2. Do not plan to take the overnight train from Stavanger to Oslo, or an airplane flight, on the evening after your hike.
    The guide, and the other guests, are here to enjoy nature, and do not like to hike while constantly looking at their watches. Our return times at Stavanger are an indication, and not guaranteed. What time we actually return after a trip depends highly on the weather conditions, and the fitness level and pace of the guests.  Going faster than necessary causes an unwanted extra stress and risk factor. Outdoorlife Norway cannot guarantee any connecting flight or train you might have booked on the same evening after your hike. Also, are you sure you want to travel straight to the station or airport, all sweaty, while you rather would take a shower, enjoy the evening and a good meal in Stavanger, and have a well deserved night of sleep, before you travel onward?

Take it easy and most of all, time, to enjoy Stavanger and Lysefjord. =)





I have not received a booking confirmation

Our booking system automatically sends a confirmation to the email address provided when booking the tour. If you have not received a booking confirmation, please check the socalled “SPAM” or “Trash” folders of your email account.

Besides the automatic booking confirmation, Outdoorlife Norway will always send you an information email with the details about your tour (i.e. meeting time and location, what to bring, etc). This email is normally sent by our Customer Service within 12 hours of your booking.

If you have not received any message within 12 hours of your booking, please send us an email: booking@outdoorlifenorway.com

I tried to book, but my payment was declined.

Most of the cards that are declined are debit cards. If your payment is declined, we advice you to try to book the tour using another (credit) card. If you are still experiencing difficulties with another credit card, please send us an email at booking@outdoorlifenorway.com, and we will help you to reserve a spot on the tour you wish.

Declines can happen for a variety of reasons. When we submit a charge to your bank, they have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various signals into account, such as your spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVC.

Please make sure all information is filled out correctly.

Since these signals are constantly changing, a previously successful card might be declined in the future. Even if all of the card information is correct, and you previously had a successful payment, a future charge can still be declined by a bank’s overzealous fraud systems. If all of the card information seems correct, it is best to contact your bank.

How long is the season?

Good news: Outdoorlife Norway organizes tours year-round! Whenever you choose to come to the Stavanger Region, you can be sure we have an adventure waiting for you to join!

You can get an overview of all of our tours by clicking on the following links:

Where can I find your general conditions of contract?

When you book one of our tours, you have to confirm that you have read, and agree to, our general conditions of contract. Please read them before booking. You can find them by clicking here.





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